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Course Code Cousre Name Duration Eligibilty


SB0101 Certificate in Basic Computer 3 Months 5TH Above
SB0102 Certificate in junior Basic Computer 3 Months 5TH Above
SB0103 Certificate in Office automation 3 Months 8TH Above
SB0104 Certificate in visual Basic 3 Months 10TH
SB0105 Certificate in DTP 3 Months 10TH
SB0106 Certificate in DTP 3 Months 10TH
SB0107 Certificate in C language 3 Months 10Th
SB0108 Certificate in C++ language 3 Months 10TH
SB0109 Certificate in Java Training 3 Months 10TH
SB0110 Certificate in Autocad 3 Months 10TH
SB0111 Certificate in junior Spoken English 3 Months 10TH
SB0112 Certificate in wireless security 3 Months 10TH
SB0113 Certificate in ubuntu Training 3 Months 10TH
SB0114 Certificate in network security 3 Months 10TH
SB0115 Certificate in Computer Office Expert 3 Months 10TH
SB0116 Certificate in office Accountant 3 Months 10TH
SB0117 Certificate in Mobile Hard. & Software 3 Months 10TH
SB0118 Certificate in mobile computing 3 Months 10TH
SB0119 Certificate in internet security 3 Months 10TH
SB0120 Certificate in ethical hacking 3 Months 10TH
SB0121 Certificate in e-commerce Training 3 Months 10TH
SB0122 Certificate in cloud computing 3 Months 10TH
SB0123 Certificate in visual effects 3 Months 10TH
SB0124 Certificate in video editing 3 Months 10TH
SB0125 Certificate in flash Tool 3 Months 10TH
SB0126 Certificate in HTML 5 3 Months 10TH
SB0127 Certificate in CSS 3 Months 10TH
SB0128 Certificate in java script 3 Months 10TH
SB0129 Certificate in PHP 3 Months 10TH
SB0130 Certificate in sound Editing 3 Months 10TH
SB0131 Certificate in Photoshop 3 Months 10TH
SB0132 Certificate in Basic Programming C lang 3 Months 10TH
SB0133 Certificate in Digital Marketing 3 Months 10TH
SB0134 Certificate in Computer Hardware 3 Months 10TH
SB0135 Certificate in Computer Software 3 Months 10TH
SB0136 Certificate in Computer Networking 3 Months 10TH
SB0137 Certificate in Computer Hardware & Networking 3 Months 10TH
SB0138 Certificate in Computer Application 3 Months 10TH
SB0139 Certificate in Computer Science 3 Months 10TH
SB0140 Certificate in Information Technology 3 Months 10TH
SB0141 Certificate in Financial Accounting 3 Months 10TH
SB0142 Diploma In Computer Application 6 Months 10TH
SB0143 Diploma In Financial Accounting 6 Months 10TH
SB0144 Diploma In Information Technology 6 Months 10TH
SB0145 Diploma In Computer Science 6 Months 10TH
SB0146 Diploma In Office automation 6 Months 10TH
SB0147 Diploma in Multimedia & Animation 6 Months 10TH
SB0148 Diploma in Desk top Publishing 6 Months 10TH
SB0149 Diploma in Graphics Designing 1 Year 10TH
SB0150 Diploma in Hardware Eng. 6 Months 10TH
SB0151 Diploma in Office Automation and Management 1 Year 10TH
SB0152 Diploma in Mobile Hard. & Software 1 Year 10TH
SB0153 Diploma in Web Designing 1 Year 10TH
SB0154 Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking eng. 1 Year 10TH
SB0155 Master Diploma in Information Technology 1 Year 10TH
SB0156 Diploma in Computer Office Management 1 Year 10TH
SB0157 Master Diploma in Hotel Management 18 Months 10TH
SB0158 P.G. Diploma in Hotel Management 1 to 2 years Any Degree
SB0159 Diploma in Hotel Mangement 1 Year 10TH
SB0160 Certificate in Hotel Mangement 3 To 6 Months 10TH
SB0161 Diploma in Front Office Management 1 Year 10TH
SB0162 P. G. Diploma in Tourism Management 1 to 2 years Any Degree
SB0163 P. G. Diploma in Event Management 1 to 2 years Any Degree
SB0164 Diploma in House Keeping 1 Year 10TH
SB0165 Certificate in FIRE AND SAFETY 3 Months 10TH
SB0166 Diploma In Fire & Safety 1 Year 10TH
SB0167 Master Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking eng. 18 Months 10TH
SB0168 Certificate in Construction Supervision 3 Months 10TH
SB0169 Diploma in Construction Supervision 1 Year 10TH
SB0170 Master Diploma in Computer Application 18 Months 10TH
SB0171 Diploma in Software Technology(Java Platform) 1 Year 10TH
SB0172 Diploma in Software Technology( .Net Platform) 1 Year 10TH
SB0173 P.G. Diploma in Testing Tools (Software & Hardware) 1 to 2 years Any Degree
SB0174 Diploma In Multimedia 1 Year 10TH
SB0175 P.G. Diploma in Information Technology 1 to 2 years Any Degree
SB0176 Diploma in Computer Programming in C &C++ 1 Year 10TH
SB0177 Diploma in Testing Tools (Software) 1 Year 10TH
SB0178 Diploma in Testing Tools (Hardware) 1 Year 10TH
SB0179 Diploma in Office Applications 1 Year 10TH
SB0180 Diploma in Data Entry Operating 1 Year 10TH
SB0181 Diploma in Office Automation & Publishing 1 Year 10TH
SB0182 Advance Diploma in Computer Programming 18 Months 10TH
SB0183 Diploma in Computer application and designing 1 Year 10TH
SB0184 Diploma In Primary Computer Teacher Training 1 or 2 Year 10TH
SB0185 Diploma in computer application and accounting 6 Months 10TH
SB0186 P.G. Diploma in Data Base Adminstration 1 to 2 years Any Degree


SB0187 Diploma in Digital Marketing 6 Months 10TH
SB0188 Diploma in Email Marketing 6 Months 10TH
SB0189 Diploma in Facebook Marketing 6 Months 10TH
SB0190 Diploma in Google Plus Marketing 6 Months 10TH
SB0191 Diploma in Google Tag Manager 6 Months 10TH
SB0192 Diploma in Instagram Marketing 6 Months 10TH
SB0193 Diploma in Mobile Marketing 6 Months 10TH
SB0194 Diploma in Online Marketing 6 Months 10TH
SB0195 Diploma in Pay Per Click 6 Months 10TH
SB0196 Diploma in Pinterest Marketing 6 Months 10TH
SB0197 Diploma in Social Media Marketing 6 Months 10TH
SB0198 Diploma in Twitter Marketing 6 Months 10TH
SB0199 Diploma in Youtube Marketing 6 Months 10TH
SB0200 Diploma in Web Analytics 6 Months 10TH
SB0201 Diploma in Amazon Marketplace 6 Months 10TH


SB0202 Diploma in Android tools 6 Months 12TH
SB0203 Diploma in Ionic tools 6 Months 12TH
SB0204 Diploma in iOS Training 6 Months 12TH
SB0205 Diploma in iOS Development with Swift2 6 Months 12TH
SB0206 Diploma in jQuery Mobile 6 Months 12TH


SB0207 Master Diploma in Electronics 1 Year 10TH
SB0208 Diploma in Electronics 6 Months 10TH
SB0209 Diploma in Photo & Videography 6 Months 10TH
SB0210 Diploma in Mobile-Technology 6 Months 10TH
SB0211 Advance Diploma in Mechanism 1 Year 10TH
SB0212 Diploma in Electrician 1 Year 10TH
SB0213 Diploma in Interior Designing 1 Year 10TH
SB0214 Diploma in Fashion Designing 1 Year 10TH
SB0215 Certificate in Interior Designing 3 Months 10TH
SB0216 Diploma in Beautician Course 1 Year 10TH
SB0217 Certificate in Beautician Course 3 Months 10TH
SB0218 Diploma in Cutting Tailoring 6 Months 10TH
SB0219 Certificate in Cutting Tailoring 3 Months 10TH
SB0220 Diploma in Embroidary 6 Months 10TH
SB0221 Certificate in Embroidary 3 Months 10TH
SB0222 Diploma in Toy Making 6 Months 10TH
SB0223 Certificate in Toy Making 3 Months 10TH
SB0224 Certificate in Handicraft 3 Months 10TH
SB0225 Certificate in Jewellary Making 3 Months 10TH
SB0226 Certificate in Fashion Designing 3 Months 10TH
SB0227 Certificate in oil Painting 3 Months 10TH
SB0228 Certificate in glasss Painting 3 Months 10TH
SB0229 Certificate in Tie & Die 3 Months 10TH
SB0230 Certificate in Spray Painting 3 Months 10TH
SB0231 Certificate in Srceen printing 3 Months 10TH
SB0232 Certificate in Mehandi Desiging 3 Months 10TH
SB0233 Certificate in music 3 To 6 Months 10TH
SB0234 Certificate in Dance 3 To 6 Months 10TH
SB0235 Certificate in drawing 3 To 6 Months 10TH
SB0236 Certificate in 2D drawing 3 Months 10TH

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